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Grocery, Food, Pharmacy Delivery Application

Hungry Grocery Delivery App and Delivery Boy App with Interactive Admin Panel


Hungry Grocery Delivery Android App you can use for Grocery, Vegetables, Fruits, Household items, Personal care products, Etc. We have very creative and top rated android UI. We did 200+ sales with very good client ratio.

What’s included

– Android App Source Code
– PHP Script Source Code
– Database file & Installation Guide

  • Android Native
  • PHP – MySQL
  • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
Admin Features List

-Admin can see the Total Category, Total Sub category, Total Product,Total Area,Total Time slot,Total Banner,Total Customer,Pending Order,Complete Order,Cancelled Order,Customer Rating,Total Feedback, Total Sales, Total Delivery boy
-Admin can create unlimited Categories & Sub Categories
-Admin can create unlimited Banner with clickable Categories
-Admin can create unlimited Time slot
-Admin can create unlimited Area with Delivery Charges
-Admin can add/upload/delete Products
-Admin can select popular product
-Admin can manage coupon system
-Admin can create unlimited category product for App Home Screen
-Admin can send Notification
-Admin can create unlimited notification template and add/upload/delete template
-Admin can create unlimited country code
-Admin can send Notification once product added
-Admin can check customer product rating with Very Good, Good, Not Good
-Admin can check app feedback with rating
-Admin can check User/Customer records anytime with Active or Deactivate and check all the multiple address
-Admin can check the order status – Complete, Processing, Pending, Cancelled
-Admin can check pending order section with print the order functionality
-Admin can check separate completed order section with print the order functionality
-Admin can create Delivery boy account/password
-Admin can check All Delivery boy details and change the status for Active or Deactivate
-Admin can check All Delivery boy order summary with total reject, total accept, total complete statics(insight)
-Admin can assign order for the separate delivery boy
-Admin can manage add/edit/delete or change the status or payment method dynamically
-Admin can change Setting for Payment Method: Pickup Myself, Cash on Delivery (COD), PayPal, Razorpay
-Admin can change Setting for Notification OneSignal API and Firebase OTP verification API
-Admin can change Setting for the username and password for admin panel
-Admin can change Setting for currency($,₹,€,£,¥ etc)
-Admin can change Setting for Timezone
-Admin can change Setting for the order minimum value
-Admin can change Setting for the the Tax(% or GST)
-Admin can change Setting for logo, favicon, website title for admin panel
-Admin can change Setting for Privacy Policy, About us, Contact us, Terms & Condition page
-Fast, Optimized and Powerful admin
-Beautiful UI
-High Quality
-Easy configuration

Customer App Features

– Easy to Sign up & Sign in with Mobile Number Verification
– Sign in with Mobile number/Email
– App Home screen product and category managed by admin
– Product Variations with All the type.
– Product Details with Multiple Images and Product Description
– Easy to Add to cart and Orders
– User friendly Date&time and Payment Gateway(Pickup Myself, Cash on Delivery (COD), PayPal, Razorpay)
– Instant Notification for Product Add or Any Seasonal Offer with Image
– User can add / update / delete Multiple Address
– User can update profile anytime
– User can check order tracking status with Pending, Ready to Ship or Delivered
– User can check all order details info
– User can rate the Product with Very like it, Good or not good
– User can contact delivery boy once the order proceed
– User can cancel the order
– User can provide app or product feedback
– User can share app with friends and family
– User can check Pricacy Policy, About us, Contact us, Terms & Condition page
– User can check Notification & Notification Details
– User can change the Forget Password with Mobile OTP verification
– User can check the order details status Complete, Processing, Pending and history of orders
– User received notification once the product Accepted, Delivered
– Easy and Understand Design

Delivery Boy App Features

– Delivery boy can login with mobile number
– Delivery boy can check all the pending order / delivered order list and details
– Delivery boy can accept or reject the order
– Delivery boy can track the order
– Delivery boy can cancel the order for reason like Issue with on going order, Payment issue with my order, Address wrong, other
– Delivery boy can contact the order person with mobile number dial-up
– Delivery boy can open instant map
– Delivery boy can delivered product with proof of customer/user signature (Signed proof of delivery)
– Delivery boy can check all the notification
– Delivery boy can check profile and update the details anytime
– Delivery boy can change status with active or inactive
– Delivery boy can check the Order completed, Total Sales and Cancel order statics(insight)
– Delivery boy received notification once the admin assign the new orders
– Delivery boy accept/delivered the order user get notification
– User friendly and Unique UI

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Delivery Boy App
Admin App
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