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Multi Store, Multi Vendor, D-Mart, Mega Mall

Veggimart Multistore Android Application


Are you looking to launch your online grocery shopping and delivery system for your supermarket business? Then this ReadyMade online Grocery System – All in on solution will help you to build your grocery business with your own mobile and web app in just a few days.

What’s included

– Android App Source Code
– PHP Script Source Code
– Database file & Installation Guide

  • Android Native
  • PHP – MySQL
  • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
Customer App Feature List

👉 Easy to Sign up & Sign in with Mobile Number Verification
👉 Choice City & Area Wise Products
👉 Sign in with Mobile number/Email
👉 App Home screen product and category managed by admin
👉 Product Variations with All the type.
👉 Product Details with Multiple Images and Product Description
👉 Quick & Easy to Add to cart and Orders
👉 User friendly Date & time and Payment Gateway (Pickup Myself, Cash on Delivery (COD), PayPal, Razorpay)
👉 Instant Notification for Product Add or Any Seasonal Offer with Image
👉 User can Add / Update / Delete Multiple Address
👉 User can Update Profile Anytime
👉 User can check order tracking all status
👉 User can check all order details info
👉 User can rate the Product with Very like it, Good or not good
👉 User can contact delivery boy once the order proceed
👉 User can cancel the order
👉 User can provide app or product feedback
👉 User can share app with friends and family
👉 User can check Privacy Policy, About us, Contact us, Terms & Condition page
👉 User can check Notification & Notification Details
👉 User can change the Forget Password with Mobile OTP verification
👉 User can check the order details status Complete, Processing, Pending and history of orders
👉 User received notification once the product Accepted, Delivered
👉 Easy and Understand Design

Delivery Boy Feature List

👉 Delivery boy can login with mobile number
👉 Delivery boy can check all the pending order / delivered order list and details
👉 Delivery boy can accept or reject the order
👉 Delivery boy can track the order
👉 Delivery boy can cancel the order for reason like Issue with on going order, Payment issue with my order, Address wrong, other
👉 Delivery boy can contact the order person with mobile number dial-up
👉 Delivery boy can open instant map
👉 Delivery boy can delivered product with proof of customer/user signature (Signed proof of delivery)
👉 Delivery boy can check all the notification
👉 Delivery boy can check profile and update the details anytime
👉 Delivery boy can change status with active or inactive
👉 Delivery boy can check the Order completed, Total Sales and Cancel order statics(insight)
👉 Delivery boy received notification once the admin assign the new orders
👉 Delivery boy accept/delivered the order user get notification
👉 User friendly and Unique UI

Vendor Management Feature List

👉 Easy Sign-In
👉 Quick Dashboard
👉 Product Management
👉 Order Management
👉 Delivery Boy Management
👉 Subcategory Management
👉 Pay out List & Request Management
👉 Time slot Management
👉 Customer Rating
👉 Anytime Close or Open Shop
👉 Vendor can assign order for the separate delivery boy

Super Admin Management Feature List

👉 Admin can see the Total Category, Total Sub category, Total Product,Total Area,Total Time slot,Total Banner,Total Customer,Pending Order,Complete Order,Cancelled Order,Customer Rating,Total Feedback, Total Sales, Total Delivery boy, Total Payouts,
👉 Admin can create unlimited Categories
👉 Admin can create unlimited Vendors with Detail information
👉 Admin can manage vendors subcategory with the status of approved or reject
👉 Admin can create unlimited Banner with clickable Vendor stores
👉 Admin can create unlimited Time slot
👉 Admin can create unlimited City & Area with Delivery Charges
👉 Admin can update Express Charge, Standard Charge, Free Delivery with Express Charge, Free Delivery with Standard Charge, Order Min Amt., Status
👉 Admin can send Notification
👉 Admin can create unlimited notification template and add/upload/delete template
👉 Admin can create unlimited country code
👉 Admin can send Notification once product added
👉 Admin can check customer product rating with Very Good, Good, Not Good
👉 Admin can check app feedback with rating
👉 Admin can check User/Customer records anytime with Active or Deactivate and check all the multiple address
👉 Admin can create Delivery boy account/password
👉 Admin can check All Delivery boy details and change the status for Active or Deactivate
👉 Admin can check All Delivery boy order summary with total reject, total accept, total complete statics(insight)
👉 Admin can manage add/edit/delete or change the status or payment method dynamically
👉 Admin can change Setting for Payment Method: Pickup Myself, Cash on Delivery (COD), PayPal, Razorpay
👉 Admin can change Setting for Notification OneSignal API and Firebase OTP verification API
👉 Admin can change Setting for the username and password for admin panel
👉 Admin can change Setting for currency($,₹,€,£,¥ etc)
👉 Admin can change Setting for Timezone
👉 Admin can change Setting for the order minimum value
👉 Admin can change Setting for the Tax(% or GST)
👉 Admin can change Setting for the Payout Limit
👉 Admin can change Setting for logo, favicon, website title for admin panel
👉 Admin can change Setting for Privacy Policy, About us, Contact us, Terms & Condition page
👉 Fast, Optimized and Powerful admin
👉 Beautiful UI
👉 High Quality
👉 Easy configuration

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